SmittyUp Jingle Demo Leaked to Public

SmittyUp Jingle Demo Leaked to Public

Breaking News – Developing Story Unfolds

NASHVILLE TN: Our sources have confirmed that an alleged new jingle demo for SmittyUp has been leaked to the public by none other than SmittyLeaks, an anonymous organization that has a penchant for making news stories out of, well, out of nothing of any importance at all, really – depending on who you’re talking with, of course. Smitty, the namesake and mascot for, went on record saying “IT REALLY IS A GREAT BIG DEAL”! When asked if he was referring to the fact that the new jingle demo had been leaked to the public, Smitty responded with, “Oh, um, I was referring to the fact that SmittyUp offers .COM domain name renewals for only $8.99. Our leading competitors charge almost twice that amount! But, um, yeah, the thing about the jingle demo being leaked is an issue, too. After all, I was just sitting around in my boxers when I recorded that on my laptop – you know, so I wouldn’t forget it – and I certainly wasn’t dressed for public viewing. I was completely unprepared for that to go viral.” At which point, he was reminded by the journalist interviewing him that it was just an audio clip, and that nobody could see him or his boxers. Smitty appeared confused for a second, but smoothly switched the subject back to how big of a deal it is to get .COM domain name renewals for only $8.99.

As this is a developing story – we’ll update this article as new information is made available.

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